How to get Videoder on the iPhone / iOs?


Unfortunately Videoder is only available on the Android platform and can only be used with .apk files. It is not available in the iOs format for phones.

Any site which offers Videoder for iOS will probably turn out to be a scam site and not offering what they say they are offering so be extremely careful on any website which claims to have it. You may mess up your device if you actually download and install.

My advice to any iOs users who want to use the app, go Android and save yourself money, time and enjoy a better experience ;)

However if you are really desperate to get this app then yes, there is a way but it is complicated. I shall try my best to explain below on how this is possible. Basically you are going to have to install an Android emulator to make this possible so only proceed reading if you know what you are doing.


stom7we2 years ago

Download Youtube Video Downloader - Videoder