How to use Videoder video downloader?


Videoder works through a very user friendly and intuitive interface.
If you want to learn how to use the Videoder Android App to download your videos, movies and music from websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and other sources, just follow the simple steps listed bellow.


  • Search for the video or content you want to download using the App search box.

  • Click on a video thumbnail showed as a result.

  • You can preview the video or simply select a resolution to download. You can download video, movies or even audio files.

  • You have the option of select the the destination folder for your downloads.

  • You can check all your download status, pause and resume downloads.

  • Check the folder with the downloaded files and enjoy!

For more detailed instructions just keep on reading.

The Videoder App includes a search box on the top where you can type your queries in order to find videos to download.

    Just enter some words related with the content, topic or video that you are trying to find.

    After hitting the search button, the Videoder App will display the results, listing the videos thumbnails and titles. If you scroll the results page you can see more videos.

    When you click on a thumbnail you can check some of the video details and info, like the available resolutions to download and file size. You can also preview a video before you decide to download it. In this video details page, after selecting your resolution option the video will start to download. You have the option of select the file download location folder.

      You can check your downloads status and downloads progress in a timeline by clicking on the download icon located on the right top of the Videoder interface.

        You can pause and resume your downloads at any time. Just click on any video from your downloads list.

        Videoder also offers the option of downloading the audio files from the videos to your Android device, in popular formats like MP3.

        As you can see, Videoder App it's very simple to use tool with a great interface.

        Be sure you read the App terms of use (link: available in the Videoder official website.

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