What are some good other alternative apps to Videoder?


I have been using Videoder since one of the first releases of the apk file and not sure why you would want to use another site. I think it is one of the best out there but still I will try to attempt to answer your question and tell you which I think is best.


I love TubeMate and is probably one of the first video downloader apps that ever existed. I believe once upon a time they were even in the Google Play Store. There is quite a lot of advertising on the app which kind of sucks but you get used to it quite quickly.

    SnapTube’s interface is probably one of easiest to use. It is a very clean and modern design which makes navigating through it a breeze. Not only videos can be downloaded but also .mp3 files you can get hold of too which is fun. Furthermore when you make the download you can also choose the resolution you want to download with which makes life very easy for people with slower connections and saves you from having to download a 1GB file while on a data plan.

      YouTube Go
      You could also try using the official YouTube Go app. You can download this from the Google Play Store. However take note that at the moment this app only works for users in India. At the time of writing this, you won’t be able to use it in any other country. You can also only download the videos in two formats, basic & standard. No support for HD currently so you may be out of luck if you want to download and watch high definition videos.

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